Proving Self-Employed/Business for Self (BFS) income, and income stability, can be difficult for new business owners.

Many Canadians (15.3% in 2018 according to Statistics Canada) have successful small business ventures. Those that do would not trade the lifestyle for anything. But, this lifestyle requires planning before you first attempt to obtain financing for their home, or even something as simple as a new credit card or vehicle. The nature of self-employment income can sometimes leave the self-employed looking like poor credit risks, even though they may actually have a more stable source of income than those who are working for an employer.

Thankfully, we have many lenders that understand the importance of self-employment in Canada, and have great mortgage programs available to the self-employed to finance their primary residence… or even vacation homes.

We are experienced at assisting self-employed individuals with getting a mortgage, and will ensure you get the best mortgage product at the best mortgage rate available.

Obtaining a mortgage if you’re self employed has never been easier, and you will be excited to learn that the mortgage products available today are structured to help you succeed.