Motorcycles and Mortgages: Learning to be a Landlord

My Experiences Boyd England 5 Sep

Learning to be a landlord? How hard could it be? We had a few friends that were purchasing rental properties and becoming landlords. The things they were doing seemed very easy.  At the same time, we were starting to accumulate a few properties ourselves. Given their example, we decided we wanted in on the landlord […]

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Accessing the Equity in Your Home – Top 7 Misconceptions

Mortgage Tips Boyd England 31 Jan

The Top 7 Misconceptions About Reverse Mortgages In a world of alternate reality and facts here are the answers to the questions you are wondering about. How much do you really know about reverse mortgages? Maybe you know that reverse mortgages can help Canadians 55+ access the equity in their home, tax-free. Maybe you know […]

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